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Leaked next-gen iPhone part casts doubt on Liquidmetal case

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Leaked part debunks Liquidmetal iPhone

A leaked part said to be destined for Apple’s next-generation iPhone may quell rumors that the Cupertino, California-based company is working on a teardrop-shaped Liquidmetal case for the next iPhone. Listed as “Replacement Sim Card Tray Holder Slot For Apple iPhone 5,” parts vendor sw-box.com has made what it claims to be SIM card trays for the sixth-generation iPhone available for purchase on its site. If the part is authentic, the most notable observation is that the new SIM tray is nearly identical to the part found in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. While Apple’s next iPhone may still feature a redesigned case, Cult of Mac points out that the use of a flat aluminum tray in the new iPhone would likely indicate that the handset’s case will not utilize curved Liquidmetal alloy, as previously reported.

[Via Cult of Mac]


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Apple’s next iPhone launch could be most important in smartphone history

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Apple’s iPhone 4S marked the biggest device launch in the company’s history. A number of industry watchers and news sites were expecting a completely redesigned handset, but despite the new model’s striking resemblance to the iPhone 4, it sold more than 4 million units in its debut weekend alone. According to Goldman Sachs analyst Bill Shope, Apple’s next smartphone launch will be even bigger. Read on for more.

“The iPhone 5 launch is likely to be one of the most important smartphone product cycles we’ve seen to date,” Shope wrote in a note to investors on Wednesday. Shope raised his price target on shares of Apple stock to $750 from $700, and said earlier concerns over the possibility that carriers might dial back iPhone subsidies are off base.

“We believe this concern is overblown,” Shope wrote. “While some carriers will attempt to reduce the subsidy burden and tighten upgrade policies, many more will likely hold steady to capture share from the latter camp. In the end, all carriers are attempting to migrate their installed bases from feature phones to data-centric smartphones, and amid this transition, we think the risk of losing market share in the iPhone sub-segment is likely to be too great to ignore.”

The analyst continued, “On a shorter-term basis, we believe the building rhetoric for lower subsidies and tighter upgrade policies is likely to fade to a whimper, as vendors prepare their marketing strategies for the iPhone 5 refresh later this year.”

BGR reported this past December that Apple will launch a redesigned iPhone in the fall with a unibody case and a new antenna system. A separate report on Wednesday claimed that Apple will utilize Liquidmetal alloys in the next-generation iPhone’s case.

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iPhone user who sued AT&T receives new settlement offer

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

A judge in Southern California last month awarded $850 to an iPhone user who was throttled on AT&T’s network. The plaintiff, Matt Spaccarelli, filed a small claims case against AT&T, arguing that the carrier unfairly slowed speeds on his iPhone 4 despite his unlimited data plan. According to a report from the Associated Press, AT&T is offering Spaccarelli a new settlement, however the company declined to comment on the matter. If Spaccarelli does not want to sit down with the carrier, it will reportedly look into shutting off his service. Earlier this month AT&T amended its data throttling policy for unlimited users, stating that LTE phones will be slowed after a 5GB monthly allowance, while non-LTE devices will be limited to 3GB of full-speed data.


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Apple’s iOS 5.1 update is now available for download

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Apple announced during its press conference on Wednesday that the latest version of its mobile operating system would become available for download later in the day. iOS 5.1 has now been released for the iPad 2, iPad, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and second and third-generation iPod touch handhelds, and the new iOS build brings Japanese language support for Siri along with a number of additional updates. We detailed key changes in our exclusive hands-on with the software last month. iOS 5.1 is currently in the process of being made available through iTunes and over the air, but impatient users can download the appropriate update via the read link below.


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Settlement reached in iPhone 4 ‘Antennagate’ suit

Monday, February 20th, 2012

A settlement has been reached in a class-action lawsuit targeting the iPhone 4′s antenna and reception problems, reports CNET. U.S. residents who bought the handset will be offered either $15 or a free bumper case, however the offer is only valid for those individuals who did not take advantage of Apple’s previous offer. The settlement comes from 18 separate lawsuits that were consolidated into one, all claiming that Apple was “misrepresenting and concealing material information in the marketing, advertising, sale, and servicing of its iPhone 4–particularly as it relates to the quality of the mobile phone antenna and reception and related software.” Original buyers will be notified via email before April 30th, or they can visit www.iPhone4Settlement.com, although the site is not yet live. After the notifications are sent, the claims period will last for 120 days.


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Ban on iPhones and iPad suspended in Germany, sales resume

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Sales of Apple’s iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G resumed on Friday after a permanent injunction had gone into effect early Friday morning. ”All iPad and iPhone models will be back on sale through Apple’s online store in Germany shortly” an Apple spokesperson told SlashGear in a statement. “Apple appealed this ruling because Motorola repeatedly refuses to license this patent to Apple on reasonable terms, despite having declared it an industry standard patent seven years ago.” Apple’s iOS devices with embedded 3G were deemed to being infringing on a Motorola patent this past December. A judge ordered an injunction at that time that went into effect on Friday, forcing Apple to remove the infringing devices from its German website. Motorola filed a separate complaint against Apple’s new iPhone 4S last month.


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Motorola wins permanent injunction against Apple’s iCloud in German court (update: products pulled)

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

There’s another legal brouhaha brewing in Germany, where Motorola today won an injunction against Apple’s iCloud. In a decision handed down from the infamous Mannheim Regional Court this morning, Judge Andreas Voss issued a permanent injunction against Cupertino’s cloud-based service and any devices that use it, following a complaint that Motorola originally filed in April of last year. The two companies, as you may recall, have been going at each other rather aggressively in Germany, where Motorola scored a similar victory, back in November. At issue in today’s ruling is a European Patent that outlines a “multiple pager status synchronization system and method,” upon which iCloud, Motorola claims, infringes. The injunction, as FOSS Patents explains, targets Apple’s Ireland-based European distribution branch, but it only applies to the German market — not Europe, as a whole. And while it’s technically “permanent,” it’s still “preliminarily enforceable,” which means Apple can (and likely will) appeal. Motorola, meanwhile, can seek to enforce it, if it’s willing to post a €100 million bond. Apple had been seeking a bond of €2 billion, but was ultimately denied. For more of the legal nitty gritty, check out the source link below.

Update: Citing a statement from Apple, Germany’s Deutsche Presse-Agentur news agency is now reporting that the company has pulled the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 3GS, and the iPhone 4 from its German online store, along with any 3G/UMTS-enabled iPads. The move appears to come in response not to today’s ruling, but to a decision issued in December, when Motorola won an injunction against Apple, on the grounds that its 3G/UMTS technology infringes upon one of Moto’s European patents. According to FOSS Patents, Apple presumably lost its appeal to the Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court, after Motorola sought to enforce the injunction.

Motorola wins permanent injunction against Apple’s iCloud in German court (update: products pulled) originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 03 Feb 2012 04:11:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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What Makes a Better Skipping Stone: The iPhone 4 Or the HTC Desire HD? [Video]

Saturday, January 28th, 2012
Of all the tests we conduct when we review a phone, for some reason we’ve never checked to see how well a handset skips across a lake. But a Chinese man has, officially ending the iPhone vs. Android debate. More »

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The Love Box is an analog video mixer, house of mirrors for your iPhone (video)

Friday, January 27th, 2012

There’s something romantic about hacking the iPhone, especially when it means finding ways to personalize the massively popular handset. Apps like Instagram may help you realize artistic talent, but software just doesn’t get those creative juices flowing like an old-fashioned piece of hardware can. Despite its taboo-sounding name, The Love Box isn’t an adult toy in the traditional sense, instead serving as an analog video (and stills) mixer for your iPhone 4 or 4S. Consisting of a wooden box and an angled sliding mirror, the homegrown contraption lets you simultaneously capture the action in front of and behind you in a single image. It was originally designed in Barcelona to capture two people conversing for a documentary called “The Love Box Conversations,” hence the name. The “lowest-tech accessory for the highest-tech phone” is available now as part of a very limited initial run of 100 units, and can be yours for €57.63 (about $77.50) if you hit up the source link below.

Continue reading The Love Box is an analog video mixer, house of mirrors for your iPhone (video)

The Love Box is an analog video mixer, house of mirrors for your iPhone (video) originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 27 Jan 2012 13:39:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Apple reports record Q1 blowout, biggest quarter ever with 37 million iPhones, 15.4 million iPad sold

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Following a rare miss in the fourth quarter, Apple on Tuesday reported record earnings in the fiscal first-quarter that crushed expectations. Wall Street’s consensus pointed to earnings of $10.06 per share on revenue of $39 billion, and Apple came in way above expectations with revenue of $46.33 and earnings of $13.87 per share. Following the record-breaking launch of Apple’s iPhone 4S, a number of analysts were expecting iPhone shipments to come in at 40 million units or more for the December quarter. The numbers are now in, and Apple managed to move 37 million iPhone handsets, which includes the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and the free-on-contract iPhone 3G. IPad shipments totaled 15.4 tablets million last quarter, and Apple also managed to ship 15.4 million iPods and 5.2 million Mac computers. Apple shipped 17.1 million iPhones, 11.1 million iPads, 6.62 million iPods and 4.89 million Macs in the fiscal fourth quarter and 16.24 million iPhones, 7.33 million iPads, 4.13 million Macs and 19.45 million iPods in the first quarter of fiscal 2011. The full press release follows below.

–All-Time Record iPhone, iPad and Mac Sales

Apple(R) today announced financial results for its fiscal 2012 first quarter which spanned 14 weeks and ended December 31, 2011. The Company posted record quarterly revenue of $46.33 billion and record quarterly net profit of $13.06 billion, or $13.87 per diluted share. These results compare to revenue of $26.74 billion and net quarterly profit of $6 billion, or $6.43 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. Gross margin was 44.7 percent compared to 38.5 percent in the year-ago quarter. International sales accounted for 58 percent of the quarter’s revenue.

The Company sold 37.04 million iPhones in the quarter, representing 128 percent unit growth over the year-ago quarter. Apple sold 15.43 million iPads during the quarter, a 111 percent unit increase over the year-ago quarter. The Company sold 5.2 million Macs during the quarter, a 26 percent unit increase over the year-ago quarter. Apple sold 15.4 million iPods, a 21 percent unit decline from the year-ago quarter.

“We’re thrilled with our outstanding results and record-breaking sales of iPhones, iPads and Macs,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “Apple’s momentum is incredibly strong, and we have some amazing new products in the pipeline.”

“We are very happy to have generated over $17.5 billion in cash flow from operations during the December quarter,” said Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s CFO. “Looking ahead to the second fiscal quarter of 2012, which will span 13 weeks, we expect revenue of about $32.5 billion and we expect diluted earnings per share of about $8.50.”

Apple will provide live streaming of its Q1 2012 financial results conference call beginning at 2:00 p.m. PST on January 24, 2012 at www.apple.com/quicktime/qtv/earningsq112. This webcast will also be available for replay for approximately two weeks thereafter.

This press release contains forward-looking statements including without limitation those about the Company’s estimated revenue and earnings per share. These statements involve risks and uncertainties, and actual results may differ. Risks and uncertainties include without limitation the effect of competitive and economic factors, and the Company’s reaction to those factors, on consumer and business buying decisions with respect to the Company’s products; continued competitive pressures in the marketplace; the ability of the Company to deliver to the marketplace and stimulate customer demand for new programs, products, and technological innovations on a timely basis; the effect that product introductions and transitions, changes in product pricing or mix, and/or increases in component costs could have on the Company’s gross margin; the inventory risk associated with the Company’s need to order or commit to order product components in advance of customer orders; the continued availability on acceptable terms, or at all, of certain components and services essential to the Company’s business currently obtained by the Company from sole or limited sources; the effect that the Company’s dependency on manufacturing and logistics services provided by third parties may have on the quality, quantity or cost of products manufactured or services rendered; risks associated with the Company’s international operations; the Company’s reliance on third-party intellectual property and digital content; the potential impact of a finding that the Company has infringed on the intellectual property rights of others; the Company’s dependency on the performance of distributors, carriers and other resellers of the Company’s products; the effect that product and service quality problems could have on the Company’s sales and operating profits; the continued service and availability of key executives and employees; war, terrorism, public health issues, natural disasters, and other circumstances that could disrupt supply, delivery, or demand of products; and unfavorable results of other legal proceedings. More information on potential factors that could affect the Company’s financial results is included from time to time in the “Risk Factors” and “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations” sections of the Company’s public reports filed with the SEC, including the Company’s Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended September 24, 2011 and its Form 10-Q for the fiscal quarter ended December 31, 2011 to be filed with the SEC. The Company assumes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements or information, which speak as of their respective dates.

Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad.

NOTE TO EDITORS: For additional information visit Apple’s PR website (www.apple.com/pr), or call Apple’s Media Helpline at (408) 974-2042.

(C) 2012 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac, Mac OS and Macintosh are trademarks of Apple. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

View dataApple Inc. UNAUDITED CONDENSED CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF OPERATIONS (In millions, except number of shares which are reflected in thousands and per share amounts) Three Months Ended ——————————– December 31, 2011 December 25, 2010 —————- —————- Net sales $ 46,333 $ 26,741 Cost of sales (1) 25,630 16,443 ——– ——– Gross margin 20,703 10,298 ——– ——– Operating expenses: Research and development (1) 758 575 Selling, general and administrative (1) 2,605 1,896 ——– ——– Total operating expenses 3,363 2,471 ——– ——– Operating income 17,340 7,827 Other income and expense 137 136 ——– ——– Income before provision for income taxes 17,477 7,963 Provision for income taxes 4,413 1,959 ——– ——– Net income $ 13,064 $ 6,004 ======== ======== Earnings per common share: Basic $ 14.03 $ 6.53 Diluted $ 13.87 $ 6.43 Shares used in computing earnings per share: Basic 931,041 919,294 Diluted 941,572 933,154 (1) Includes share-based compensation expense as follows: Cost of sales $ 63 $ 52 Research and development $ 160 $ 113 Selling, general and administrative $ 197 $ 134
View dataApple Inc. UNAUDITED CONDENSED CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEETS (In millions, except number of shares which are reflected in thousands) December 31, 2011 September 24, 2011 —————- —————— ASSETS: Current assets: Cash and cash equivalents $ 10,310 $ 9,815 Short-term marketable securities 19,846 16,137 Accounts receivable, less allowances of $78 and $53, respectively 8,930 5,369 Inventories 1,236 776 Deferred tax assets 1,937 2,014 Vendor non-trade receivables 7,554 6,348 Other current assets 4,958 4,529 ——– ——— Total current assets 54,771 44,988 Long-term marketable securities 67,445 55,618 Property, plant and equipment, net 7,816 7,777 Goodwill 896 896 Acquired intangible assets, net 3,472 3,536 Other assets 4,281 3,556 ——– ——— Total assets $ 138,681 $ 116,371 ======== ========= LIABILITIES AND SHAREHOLDERS’ EQUITY: Current liabilities: Accounts payable $ 18,221 $ 14,632 Accrued expenses 11,500 9,247 Deferred revenue 4,886 4,091 ——– ——— Total current liabilities 34,607 27,970 Deferred revenue – non-current 2,187 1,686 Other non-current liabilities 11,833 10,100 ——– ——— Total liabilities 48,627 39,756 ——– ——— Commitments and contingencies Shareholders’ equity: Common stock, no par value; 1,800,000 shares authorized; 932,214 and 13,961 13,331 929,277 shares issued and outstanding, respectively Retained earnings 75,709 62,841 Accumulated other comprehensive income 384 443 ——– ——— Total shareholders’ equity 90,054 76,615 ——– ——— Total liabilities and shareholders’ equity $ 138,681 $ 116,371 ======== =========
View dataApple Inc. UNAUDITED CONDENSED CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF CASH FLOWS (In millions) Three Months Ended —————————- December 31, 2011 December 25, 2010 —————– —————– Cash and cash equivalents, beginning of the period $ 9,815 $ 11,261 ——- ——- Operating activities: Net income 13,064 6,004 Adjustments to reconcile net income to cash generated by operating activities: Depreciation, amortization and accretion 721 356 Share-based compensation expense 420 299 Deferred income tax expense 1,456 823 Changes in operating assets and liabilities: Accounts receivable, net (3,561 ) (517 ) Inventories (460 ) 166 Vendor non-trade receivables (1,206 ) (433 ) Other current and non-current assets (962 ) (558 ) Accounts payable 4,314 2,346 Deferred revenue 1,296 634 Other current and non-current liabilities 2,472 653 ——- ——- Cash generated by operating activities 17,554 9,773 ——- ——- Investing activities: Purchases of marketable securities (40,175 ) (19,575 ) Proceeds from maturities of marketable securities 3,038 3,279 Proceeds from sales of marketable securities 21,472 6,853 Payments for acquisition of property, plant and equipment (1,321 ) (1,214 ) Payments for acquisition of intangible assets (108 ) (49 ) Other (34 ) (23 ) ——- – ——- – Cash used in investing activities (17,128 ) (10,729 ) ——- – ——- – Financing activities: Proceeds from issuance of common stock 91 208 Excess tax benefits from equity awards 333 454 Taxes paid related to net share settlement of equity awards (355 ) (233 ) ——- – ——- – Cash generated by financing activities 69 429 ——- ——- Increase/(decrease) in cash and cash equivalents 495 (527 ) ——- ——- – Cash and cash equivalents, end of the period $ 10,310 $ 10,734 ======= ======= Supplemental cash flow disclosure: Cash paid for income taxes, net $ 1,474 $ 826
View dataApple Inc. Q1 2012 Unaudited Summary Data (Units in thousands, Revenue in millions) Q4 2011 Q1 2011 Q1 2012 ——————- ——————- ——————- Sequential Change Year/Year Change ————– ————— Operating Segments Mac Revenue Mac Revenue Mac Revenue Mac Units Revenue Mac Units Revenue Units Units Units —— ——— —— ——— —— ——— ——– —— ——– ——- Americas 1,716 $ 9,648 1,360 $ 9,218 1,612 $ 17,714 – 6 % 84 % 19 % 92 % Europe 1,176 7,397 1,245 7,256 1,482 11,256 26 % 52 % 19 % 55 % Japan 175 1,111 162 1,433 184 3,550 5 % 220 % 14 % 148 % Asia Pacific 731 6,530 516 4,987 814 7,697 11 % 18 % 58 % 54 % Retail 1,096 3,584 851 3,847 1,106 6,116 1 % 71 % 30 % 59 % —— —— —— —— —— —— Total Operating Segments 4,894 $ 28,270 4,134 $ 26,741 5,198 $ 46,333 6 % 64 % 26 % 73 % ====== === ====== ====== === ====== ====== === ====== Sequential Change Year/Year Change ——————- ——————– Product Summary Units Revenue Units Revenue Units Revenue Units Revenue Units Revenue —— ———– —— ———– —— ———– ———- ——– ———- ——— Mac Desktops (1)(9) 1,278 $ 1,687 1,227 $ 1,731 1,479 $ 1,936 16 % 15 % 21 % 12 % Mac Portables (2)(9) 3,616 4,585 2,907 3,699 3,719 4,662 3 % 2 % 28 % 26 % —— —— —— —— —— —— Subtotal Mac 4,894 6,272 4,134 5,430 5,198 6,598 6 % 5 % 26 % 22 % iPod (3)(9) 6,622 1,103 19,446 3,425 15,397 2,528 133 % 129 % – 21 % – 26 % Other Music Related Products and Services (4) 1,678 1,431 2,027 21 % 42 % iPhone and Related Products and Services (5)(9) 17,073 10,980 16,235 10,468 37,044 24,417 117 % 122 % 128 % 133 % iPad and Related Products and Services (6)(9) 11,123 6,868 7,331 4,608 15,434 9,153 39 % 33 % 111 % 99 % Peripherals and Other Hardware (7) 640 593 766 20 % 29 % Software, Service and Other Sales (8) 729 786 844 16 % 7 % —— —— —— Total Apple $ 28,270 $ 26,741 $ 46,333 64 % 73 % === ====== === ====== === ====== (1) Includes revenue from iMac, Mac mini and Mac Pro sales. (2) Includes revenue from MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro sales. (3) Includes revenue from iPod sales. (4) Includes revenue from sales from the iTunes Store, App Store, and iBookstore in addition to sales of iPod services and Apple-branded and third-party iPod accessories. (5) Includes revenue from sales of iPhone, iPhone services, and Apple-branded and third-party iPhone accessories. (6) Includes revenue from sales of iPad, iPad services, and Apple-branded and third-party iPad accessories. (7) Includes revenue from sales of displays, networking products, and other hardware. (8) Includes revenue from sales of Apple-branded and third-party Mac software, and services. (9) Includes amortization of related revenue deferred for non-software services and embedded software upgrade rights.

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Camera-free iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 now on sale in Singapore

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Singapore-based wireless carrier M1 began offering camera-free iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S handsets on Friday. The Singaporean government does not allow its soldiers to carry phones equipped with cameras, but requires that all men serve two years in the military. M1 no doubt wanted to address those potential customers who wanted iPhones but could not carry one with a camera. The camera-free iPhone 4 starts at $449 while the high-end iPhone 4S is priced at $974. According to CNET Asia, Singtel and StarHub are also planning to offer camera-less iPhones, although it’s unclear when the device will be launched on those carriers. It is unclear if or when camera-free versions of the iPhone will become available outside Singapore.

[Via Engadget]


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iPhone owners living in the past finally get a peek at the present

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

There will always come a point when hardware limitations prevent previous-generation iPhone and iPod touch models from receiving the latest version of iOS. The issue is more prominently discussed in the Android community due to the frequency of updates and the time-consuming process vendors face when making customized software elements available on a new Android build. But owners of older versions of Apple’s mobile devices also know the pain of seeing features added to iOS that they will never get to enjoy until they purchase a more modern device — until now.

A group of independent iOS developers have taken it upon themselves to bring a number of the great features iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS owners enjoy to the first and second-generation iPhone and iPod touch. Using a custom iOS build called Whited00r, popular iOS 5 features including enhanced mutitasking support, reminders, home screen folders, video recording and even Newsstand are made available on older iPhone and iPod touch devices.

Released earlier this week, Whited00r 5.1 is a custom version of Apple’s iOS 3.1.3 software. While the software affords a number of great iOS 5 features, some of the most sought-after elements newer iOS builds including Notification Center and App Store access are not available in Whited00r. Other features such as iCloud have been recreated to an extent — iCloud support in this custom iOS build uses Dropbox as a back end.

Owners of Apple’s iPhone, iPhone 3G or first and second-generation iPod touch obviously don’t have to worry about voiding any warranties by installing Whited00r since their warranties have long since expired, but things can always go awry when working with unauthorized software. Many users report success with Whited00r, however, and the team behind it has a forum in place to help users who run into trouble.

Whited00r 5.1 is available for free and can be installed using Apple’s iTunes software on a Mac or a Windows PC. The team behind Whited00r recommends that users set up their devices as new rather than restoring from a backup after installing the customer software.

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Nissan announces the world’s first self-healing iPhone case

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Nissan on Monday announced the company’s new Scratch Shield case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The case is made of ABS plastic that is designed to create a rigid, robust and tighter-fitting case. Perhaps the most exciting news is the case’s unique ability to heal itself. Nissan’s Scratch Shield paint is the world’s first paint technology that allows fine scratches to quickly mend themselves. The paint is the same that is featured on numerous Nissan and Infiniti automobiles throughout the world. When damage occurs to the coating, the chemical structure is able to react to change back to its original shape and fill the gap, thus “healing” the blemish. The healing process takes between an hour and a week depending on the damage. The Scratch Shield is currently being beta tested in Europe, with the technology also being licensed to NTT Docomo for use on mobile phones. If Nissan is satisfied with the results from the beta test, we can expect to see the case released to the general public later this year. Read on for Nissan’s press release. 


Nissan brings automotive innovation to the world of technology

  • Nissan announces unique self-healing iPhone case – the Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case
  • The case uses innovations from the automotive world to create a robust iPhone case, including Nissan’s pioneering self-healing paint finish
  • Nissan’s Scratch Shield paint is a world first in paint technology that allows fine scratches to quickly mend themselves
  • Addition benefits such as scratch-resistant and easier-to-grip than normal glossy phone surfaces
  • The Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case is made from ABS plastic – a high grade substance widely used in the automotive industry to create a more rigid, robust, and tighter-fitting case
  • Trial underway with initial batch of prototypes

Rolle, Switzerland, 16 January 2012: Nissan today announced the latest piece of must-have kit for the iPhone* – a ground-breaking self-healing iPhone case. The Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case features the brand’s pioneering self-healing paint finish, a world first in paint technology developed in 2005 and already used on a number of Nissan and Infiniti models. Now this ground-breaking technology has been applied to a product that’s prone to scratches through everyday use – the smartphone – with Nissan’s new Scratch Shield case meaning iPhone-lovers can keep their phone looking at its best for longer.

Developed by Nissan in collaboration with University of Tokyo and Advanced Softmaterials Inc., the unique Scratch Shield paint finish was initially designed for automotive use and is available on the Nissan Murano, 370Z and X-Trail along with the Infiniti range of products.  Now, thanks to Nissan’s pioneering approach, this technology is being trialled for the first time on a non-automotive product in Europe, with the Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case.

The Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case has been designed using several automotive engineering innovations to deliver a more durable and long-lasting paint coat, and closely fitting, tight case. The case has three key benefits: the highly flexible and elastic properties of Scratch Shield paint technology allows fine scratches to quickly mend themselves**; its tactile gel-like rather than glossy surface is more scratch-resistant than conventional paint and provides a better grip; and the case itself is made of ABS plastic – a high grade substance widely used in the automotive industry which is more rigid and robust than other plastics. The outer ‘paint’ is made from polyrotaxane, which means that when damage occurs to the coating in the form of a fine scratch, the chemical structure is able to react to change back to its original shape and fill the gap – ‘healing’ the blemish.

An initial batch of prototypes of the innovative Scratch Shield iPhone cases has been produced by Nissan for BETA testing with selected journalists and customers, but if demand proves strong, it will look to put the cases on general sale later this year.

Bob Laishley, Overseas Programme Director Business Development for Nissan in Europe, said: “We like to think laterally by taking the great innovations we’ve got from an automotive point of view, and looking at how they could be applied to improve everyday issues. The Scratch Shield iPhone case is a great example of us taking a Nissan automotive technology that has had a huge impact for our customers, and then shifting the boundaries to apply it to another everyday product.

“We’re really excited about the possibilities provided by this technology. In Japan, we’ve already linked up with world-leading mobile operator NTT DoCoMo to allow them to use the Scratch Shield technology on its Style Series N-03B mobile phones, and we think this technology has real scope beyond the automotive world. We’re passionate about innovations that get people excited, and that means not being restricted to one industry or genre.”

Nissan has been licensing its unique technologies for various non-automotive applications since 2004. Other technologies that have been licensed include its Miniature Thermal Imaging Sensor: initially designed to make driving at night safer by detecting the presence of people even in places not illuminated by the car’s headlights; the technology has been licensed to create a device which allows customers to monitor heat generation, or collect temperature readings via infrared sensor. Nissan will continue to research and develop breakthrough technologies that can benefit other industries, and promote these non-automotive applications globally.

Nissan has long been an innovator when it comes to advancements in the automotive world, heralding the start of a remarkable new era in motoring when it launched the first Crossover, the Nissan Murano, followed by the hugely-successful Qashqai and recently joined by the Juke – with its innovative fusion of compact SUV and sports car styling. Nissan’s range of crossovers has since gone from strength to strength, with the Nissan Qashqai selling more than a quarter of a million models last year in Europe and the newly launched Juke having now notched-up 120 thousand sales. Built in Nissan’s manufacturing plant in the UK, these two models helped the plant break its all-time production record to build 480 thousand units in 2011.

Currently the Nissan Juke-R, another Nissan Innovation combining the transmission, drive train and engine of a Nissan GT-R with a Juke, is being put to the test on the streets of Dubai.  To celebrate this event, Nissan has joined forces with Ministry of Sound, who will be hosting a pre-race party for Nissan with internationally renowned DJ Pete Tong, to release the first 100 of the Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case prototypes.

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Kodak files patent infringement lawsuits against HTC and Apple

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Kodak is going through a financial nightmare, with reports claiming the camera company is preparing to file for bankruptcy. In what seems like a last effort to license the company’s patents, Kodak has filed patent lawsuits against HTC and Apple. Kodak claims that both smartphone manufacturers are infringing upon some of the company’s digital imaging patents. The complaint targets the iPad 2, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and the iPod touch (4th generation), claiming Apple’s devices infringe upon four patents. Obviously, the patents all relate to digital images, ranging from capturing them, to transferring photos over email, cellular networks, or wireless LAN networks.

HTC is being sued for the same four patents as Apple, with the addition of  a patent that covers capturing still images while previewing motion images — the same patent is being asserted against Apple and RIM in a concurrent ITC investigation. Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents speculates that the lawsuit is part of a last effort sales and marketing strategy to sell the company’s patent portfolio. Lastly, Mueller believes that even though Apple and HTC are suing each other, they will most likely team up to fight off Kodak. At the very least, the two companies could conduct a joint prior art search, or look to narrow the scope of patent claims to avoid liability for infringement.


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Sanwa pico projector also charges your iPhone

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Apple’s been making inroads with enterprise users for some time, and now Sanwa’s giving the iPhone some serious presentation chops with its new pico projector. The 400-PRJ011 is compatible with both the iPhone 4 and the 4S, powered by its own 2,100mAh battery and also charges your iPhone’s battery whenever you turn the projector function off. It’s got a five hour charge time, can provides 2.5 hours of steady projection and throws images on the wall up to 65-inches in size at 640 × 360 resolution and a 1,000:1 contrast ratio. A global release date has yet to be announced, but our Japanese friends can pick one up for ¥19,800 ($260).

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Holga brings its retro, rotary, filter phone case to the Galaxy S II

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Holga caseWe get it. Really, we do — photo filters fun. We also get that sometimes an app just isn’t gonna cut it. You want quick access to double, triple or even quadruple image lenses as well as colored overlays. Well, iPhone 4 and 4S owners had their prayers answered in mid November a $25 Holga case, now Android fans have their own version — provided those Android fans own a Galaxy S II. If you don’t mind adding some bulk to your super-svelte super-phone head on over to the source link to get your own rotary-style lens case for the somewhat reasonable price of $28.

Holga brings its retro, rotary, filter phone case to the Galaxy S II originally appeared on Engadget on Sat, 31 Dec 2011 20:29:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Free, legal Siri port now available for iPhone 4 and other iOS 5 devices

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

News of a new untethered jailbreak solution for all iOS 5.0.1 devices other than Apple’s iPhone 4S and iPad 2 emerged this morning, and iOS users now have another reason to take advantage of the hack. IOS developer chpwn announced on his blog on Tuesday that a free Siri port dubbed “Spire” that does not violate any copyright laws is now available for jailbroken iOS 5 devices. This is not the first Siri port available for the iPhone 4 and other devices, but it is the first legal option and it also allows users to input their own proxy server since Apple’s servers cannot be used by devices other than the iPhone 4S. Spire is now available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad and third and fourth-generation iPod touch devices, and it can be downloaded from Cydia.


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