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Windows Mobile GPS Tracker Update on the way!

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

We have been working to update the current version of Window mobile Phone locator.

Our main vision with this software is for it to be a very light weight program that you can keep running in the background, and that will take up very few resources.

Additionally a small footprint will allow us to keep battery usage down as well as minimize the need to power on either the GPS radio, or the Cell radio- as each are tremendious drains upon ones cell phone battery.

Some main features we hope to incorporate:

- Ability to send a emergency txt/sms to your lost / stolen cellphone, that would trigger it to send back a gps location or to keep trying until it can get a gps signal.

- Ability to set the “ping” interval – thus controling how often your phone reports its location to this site under normal usage.

Again the key here is to make a free, lightweght program that allows us Window Mobile users to have some kind of premitive tracking abililty with out phone, with out slowing down the acutal phone or killing the battery life.

keep checking back for more info! or contact us below if you have any questions / suggestions.


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